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IVS Natural Quick Hair Dye Shampoo Non-Toxic Plant Extract No Ammonia 5 Minute Quick

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IVS Hair Dye Shampoo is an all in one; permanent hair dye and hair shampoo. Quick yet safe to use. 

  • Uses natural plant extracts as it's ingredients
  • No ammonia used
  • Implements Japanese technology for the shampoo
  • No dandruff
  • Silky and smooth hair after using this shampoo

Type: Cream 
 Each packet contains 30ml, glove and hair cap. Each box bought contains 10 packets of IVS Hair Dye Shampoo. 
Choose between 4 colors; Light Brown, Dark Brown, Chestnut Brown and Natural Black! 

Why choose WOW RESOURCES for your hair dye needs?

  • We are the sole distributor of IVS products in Malaysia
  • Speedy delivery within 1-2 days 
  • 100% quality assured 
  • IVS standard assured by ISO and GMP
  • International Halal certified
  • Our products are registered with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) in Malaysia for Quality and Safety! Each product has their own Product Notification Number. 
  • Dark Brown Product Notification Number: NOT220602919K, NOT220602894K